The word seminary is from the Latin word seminarium, which means a seedbed. Seminary is therefore a seedbed where future priest of catholic church are trained. We have the junior of minor seminary and the major seminary. The junior seminary has the status of a junior secondary school and is for young men, while the major seminary is more of a tetiary institution for more intensive formation for the priesthood.

St. Felix Seminary was the idea of the 1st Bishop of Issele-Uku Diocese, Most. Rev. Dr. Anthony Gbuji. It was a response to the need of more priests for the catholic diocese of Isele-Uku. It was the singular idea that necessitated the establishment of St. Felix Seminary at Ejeme-Aniogor in 1983. It was precisely on the 6th of September 1983 that the first student resumed at Ejeme Aniogor. Rev. Fr. Calistus Eluchie who was the first Rector had to grapple with several difficulties in makig the environment conducive for kids. All that existed in the compound was a six classroom block that served multi purpose function of a chapel, dormitory, classroom, refactory and any other function that a building can serve. Some of those first sets of students finally became priest.

As the year rolled by, other buildings began to spring up. The parishes were made to support the Seminary through activities like the food apostolate programme. However, it was indeed a difficult time for the seminary since the area was far from having taste of social amenities like elecricity supply, pipe-borne water and other infrastructural needs. Some of the children who could not cope with the difficulties fled to their homes. Some however persiverer and continue to priesthood.

Today the seminary is the proud mother of many priests, working within and outside the diocese. Many more are still in the major Seminary. The goal of the establishment of any seminary is to train priests. To God e the glory, whose aim is being acheived at Ejeme-Aniogor